Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jungle Trekking 3

Fear slowly creeps inside them, like a centipede’s crawl. The tiger was so big. And worst off all, it looks hungry. Those ‘smart’ Edmund and ‘smart’ ihsan were still high in their dreams. It was when they woke up, that the tiger was already beside them. Edmund cried. He was so scared. ‘Help me mama! (Pn Eliza) Help me! I don’t want to die. I love you mama. I love MATH. I promise I will do whatever math work you give me after this. Help me mama.’ Edmund cried to himself.

Luckily, the son with the Messiah Complex, the Son of Raja Ariffin, Raja Asyaari, came jumping out of nowhere and onto the tiger's big, bulky body... The tiger gave a brief roar of pain, and annoyance for Raja's sudden attack on it. Without giving any time to spare, Raja gave the tiger one hell of a kick right to the side of its head. Knowing that the tiger was briefly stunned by his kick, the one which is the same while he was playing for his school football team, Raja than gave another hard kick to the tiger’s balls. Raja swore to god that he heard some sort of a little kitty purr from the almighty tiger, and frankly speaking, maybe the sound of something breaking. The tiger lose.

The thrill did not end there, as the tiger brought its brother too, a bigger and fiercer one. It’s now 2 versus 1, with raja in handicap. Suddenly, an unknown person came from nowhere. His face was so ‘CERIA’ and full of happiness. He shouted ‘BE CERIA BE BERJAYA’ and fiercely attacking the tigers. I was speechless. It was just like the movie ‘Gladiator’ where the hero fights with a beast. The unknown person managed to kill one tiger while the other ran away. We were safe. ‘Thanks for helping us. I’m Calvin, and you are?’ I asked. He answered ‘Halim’.

‘Where are you from?’ Cheng asked. All of us were curious about the unknown guy, who called himself ‘halim’. ‘I’m from a here. There’s a village nearby’, Halim answered. ‘A village in the middle of a jungle?’ Ihsan showed his disbelief. ‘By the way, you were crying. What a jerk you are, edmund’, Ihsan changed the topic. ‘I’m not crying,it’s just because of onion’, Edmund said. ‘You liar, there’s NO ONION here’ Ihsan said. Edmund quickly replied ‘yes there was, the tiger ate it’. ‘Then, what about the tears at you face?’ I asked. ‘This tears aren’t because I’m scared, it’s just because I’m thinking about a friend of mine that you don’t know, who is dying. That’s right, Dying..’ said Edmund.

‘Edmund?’ Halim suddenly asked. ‘Yes that’s me’, Edmund nodded. ‘Edmund Raj? The son of the famous queen ELIZAbeth, who can create peace and solve all problems on earth using math? I’m honoured to meet u Edmund, or should I say prince Edmund’, Halim bowed. ‘Ah, we are finally here’, Halim said. In front of us was a village with a very beautiful castle in the middle.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

JunGLE trekking PART2 (atas permintaan 14 kwn aku)

"My precious. You are the chosen one! It is your fate," said an old man to Cheng. It wasn't clear. Cheng didn't see the old man clearly. His sight was blurring. "You will become…." Suddenly Cheng woke up. It was just a dream. He looked around. It was morning already. "Wake up everybody" Cheng said to all of us. "It's morning already". All of us woke up from sleep. Well, it had been three days since we were lost in the jungle. The five of us tried our best to find our way back but we were still lost.

That day, the five of us continue our journey of finding our way back home. Like the old says 'there's no place like home', all of us were homesick. We really miss our family so much. " I miss my mom, she's the best mom I've ever had, and she's the best math teacher there is," said Edmund. "I wonder how Ronaldinho was playing against Arsenal at Champions league last night" I said. "I miss my girlfriend, her beautiful face and her sweet voice," said Ihsan. "Man, I really want to watch Man. United game!" Cheng said with his angry voice. "I love Man. United" Cheng then said again. It was strange, as Raja was the only who was quiet.

We walked through the bushes, through the river, through anything that can be walked through. We walked until we found a big cave. The cave shaped just like a face of an ape. "Look Edmund, that cave looks just like your face" said Cheng to Edmund while laughing. I quickly said, "Cheng is an idiot, actually that cave looks like you to be honest'. Everybody laughed. We made the decision to stay in the cave for a night. Unfortunately, as Cheng was walking forward with his heavy bag, he slips and his head was knocked on the floor. He fainted.

"My precious. You are the chosen one! It is your fate," The same old man appeared in front of Cheng. "I have waited for a long time to meet you," he said again. Cheng then realized that the old man was wearing a red jersey. A red Man United jersey. "By the way, Manchester win last night" the old man said. As the old man wanted to continue his talk, Cheng's sight was blurring. "No, please don't wake up again, the last time I want to said this to you, you woke up the when I wan to tell it, you will become…" said the old man. Suddenly Cheng woke up, AGAIN.

"Cheng! Thank god you have wake up" Raja said. "Ouch, my head hurts" Cheng said as he was trying to sit up. "You slipped and you were fainted for a long time" Raja informed Cheng. "My! How long have I been fainted?" "It's been two…" "Two days!!?" "No. It's not two days. It has been two…" "Two weeks!!? Ooo my god! I've been fainted for a long time!" "No. It's not two weeks. It has been two…" "No!!! No!! Don't tell me that I have fainted for two years!!" "No. It has been two… It has been two hours since you were fainted". What a long time Cheng has fainted.

It was not our day, as a big black tiger with saber teeth came out. And the worst part is, Edmund and Ihsan were still in their dreams. Their sweet dreams…..


Jungle TRekking (karangan yg aku reka time final exam form 4)

School holidays were finally here. We were lying if we said that we were not waiting for it. The five of us had plenty of time. This chance comes once in a blue moon. We had planned for a long time for this activity. Actually, our parents did not know that we were going for a jungle trekking. All of us bluffed that we were going for a summer camp that was organized by our school.

I was so excited. It was the first time I went for the jungle trekking. My friends, Edmund, Cheng, Ihsan, and Raja also joined our jungle trekking. First, I was scared a bit when they asked me to join them, but then Raja, the most handsome guy I had ever met, convinced me that there was nothing to be afraid of.

As we walked through the jungle, I couldn't help myself from falling in love with the beautiful view of the jungle. Nobody could ever resist the green scene in the jungle. It was very amazing and wonderful. We also saw a group of monkey. Ihsan threw a banana to one of them. The monkey thanked Ihsan by peeing at him. "How dare u? I give you banana, you give me your pee", Ihsan was so angry at the monkey. All of us laughed at Ihsan.

Then, the five of us came across a small river. It was crystal clear. Cheng looked at the river. "Ooo my god! What hideous creature is this? It makes me sick just by watching it". All of us were shocked as Cheng yelled. "No!! no!!", Cheng said. His face was frightened and pale. "No!! no!! ", He said again. "What Cheng? Where? " All of us were panic. "The creature, the ugly creature", Cheng stopped. He then continued with a slow voice "It was my face". "Shut up Cheng! Don't make a stupid joke here. " All four of us yell at the same time. We walked through the river and came to the other side.

After three hours of walking, all of us made the decision to rest for a while. ''Who wants some food, maybe a glass of fresh orange juice and nasi lemak", said Cheng to me. "Don't crap Cheng, we have only walked for about three hours and you only thing about food", said Edmund while staring at Cheng. "Fine, if you don't want to eat, I just ask Calvin to join me"' said Cheng. I was hungry, so I accepted Cheng's invitation.

........ God, the food was delicious!! I ate three packets of nasi lemak. Well, of course I couldn't beat Cheng as he finished eight packets of nasi lemak all by himself. "Ah, I'm tired, somebody please wake me up when it's three o'clock", Ihsan said to all of us and took a nap. Ihsan was really exhausted and went to sleep. Suddenly Edmund said, "Does anyone know that we didn't bring any watch?" No one answered. "Wait, I just remembered. Did anyone bring a compass?" asked Edmund again. The four of us were smiling. We were lost.

Well, we just purposely didn't make the end of this story so that all of you can guess what happen next. Haha. Hope that you got the moral of the story. Lying is a bad habit. So, never lie to anyone especially to your parents.