Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jungle TRekking (karangan yg aku reka time final exam form 4)

School holidays were finally here. We were lying if we said that we were not waiting for it. The five of us had plenty of time. This chance comes once in a blue moon. We had planned for a long time for this activity. Actually, our parents did not know that we were going for a jungle trekking. All of us bluffed that we were going for a summer camp that was organized by our school.

I was so excited. It was the first time I went for the jungle trekking. My friends, Edmund, Cheng, Ihsan, and Raja also joined our jungle trekking. First, I was scared a bit when they asked me to join them, but then Raja, the most handsome guy I had ever met, convinced me that there was nothing to be afraid of.

As we walked through the jungle, I couldn't help myself from falling in love with the beautiful view of the jungle. Nobody could ever resist the green scene in the jungle. It was very amazing and wonderful. We also saw a group of monkey. Ihsan threw a banana to one of them. The monkey thanked Ihsan by peeing at him. "How dare u? I give you banana, you give me your pee", Ihsan was so angry at the monkey. All of us laughed at Ihsan.

Then, the five of us came across a small river. It was crystal clear. Cheng looked at the river. "Ooo my god! What hideous creature is this? It makes me sick just by watching it". All of us were shocked as Cheng yelled. "No!! no!!", Cheng said. His face was frightened and pale. "No!! no!! ", He said again. "What Cheng? Where? " All of us were panic. "The creature, the ugly creature", Cheng stopped. He then continued with a slow voice "It was my face". "Shut up Cheng! Don't make a stupid joke here. " All four of us yell at the same time. We walked through the river and came to the other side.

After three hours of walking, all of us made the decision to rest for a while. ''Who wants some food, maybe a glass of fresh orange juice and nasi lemak", said Cheng to me. "Don't crap Cheng, we have only walked for about three hours and you only thing about food", said Edmund while staring at Cheng. "Fine, if you don't want to eat, I just ask Calvin to join me"' said Cheng. I was hungry, so I accepted Cheng's invitation.

........ God, the food was delicious!! I ate three packets of nasi lemak. Well, of course I couldn't beat Cheng as he finished eight packets of nasi lemak all by himself. "Ah, I'm tired, somebody please wake me up when it's three o'clock", Ihsan said to all of us and took a nap. Ihsan was really exhausted and went to sleep. Suddenly Edmund said, "Does anyone know that we didn't bring any watch?" No one answered. "Wait, I just remembered. Did anyone bring a compass?" asked Edmund again. The four of us were smiling. We were lost.

Well, we just purposely didn't make the end of this story so that all of you can guess what happen next. Haha. Hope that you got the moral of the story. Lying is a bad habit. So, never lie to anyone especially to your parents.


  1. xde tajuk blog lain ke? hihih~ i follow u.

  2. lwk gile do..
    mmg ade bakat ah ko..
    statik pipi aku gelak haa..
    xleh tutup mulut dah,,
    asyik gelak je..