Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jungle Trekking 3

Fear slowly creeps inside them, like a centipede’s crawl. The tiger was so big. And worst off all, it looks hungry. Those ‘smart’ Edmund and ‘smart’ ihsan were still high in their dreams. It was when they woke up, that the tiger was already beside them. Edmund cried. He was so scared. ‘Help me mama! (Pn Eliza) Help me! I don’t want to die. I love you mama. I love MATH. I promise I will do whatever math work you give me after this. Help me mama.’ Edmund cried to himself.

Luckily, the son with the Messiah Complex, the Son of Raja Ariffin, Raja Asyaari, came jumping out of nowhere and onto the tiger's big, bulky body... The tiger gave a brief roar of pain, and annoyance for Raja's sudden attack on it. Without giving any time to spare, Raja gave the tiger one hell of a kick right to the side of its head. Knowing that the tiger was briefly stunned by his kick, the one which is the same while he was playing for his school football team, Raja than gave another hard kick to the tiger’s balls. Raja swore to god that he heard some sort of a little kitty purr from the almighty tiger, and frankly speaking, maybe the sound of something breaking. The tiger lose.

The thrill did not end there, as the tiger brought its brother too, a bigger and fiercer one. It’s now 2 versus 1, with raja in handicap. Suddenly, an unknown person came from nowhere. His face was so ‘CERIA’ and full of happiness. He shouted ‘BE CERIA BE BERJAYA’ and fiercely attacking the tigers. I was speechless. It was just like the movie ‘Gladiator’ where the hero fights with a beast. The unknown person managed to kill one tiger while the other ran away. We were safe. ‘Thanks for helping us. I’m Calvin, and you are?’ I asked. He answered ‘Halim’.

‘Where are you from?’ Cheng asked. All of us were curious about the unknown guy, who called himself ‘halim’. ‘I’m from a here. There’s a village nearby’, Halim answered. ‘A village in the middle of a jungle?’ Ihsan showed his disbelief. ‘By the way, you were crying. What a jerk you are, edmund’, Ihsan changed the topic. ‘I’m not crying,it’s just because of onion’, Edmund said. ‘You liar, there’s NO ONION here’ Ihsan said. Edmund quickly replied ‘yes there was, the tiger ate it’. ‘Then, what about the tears at you face?’ I asked. ‘This tears aren’t because I’m scared, it’s just because I’m thinking about a friend of mine that you don’t know, who is dying. That’s right, Dying..’ said Edmund.

‘Edmund?’ Halim suddenly asked. ‘Yes that’s me’, Edmund nodded. ‘Edmund Raj? The son of the famous queen ELIZAbeth, who can create peace and solve all problems on earth using math? I’m honoured to meet u Edmund, or should I say prince Edmund’, Halim bowed. ‘Ah, we are finally here’, Halim said. In front of us was a village with a very beautiful castle in the middle.


  1. ahahaha
    solve peace in the country using math!!!

  2. I'm really honoured to meet 'prince Edmund'!!
    So, aku bunuh harimau tu ye?
    mcm tak CERIA je..
    Ape pun,

  3. hahah..
    bile ko nk smbg ni weh?

  4. Haha!! I love math!! Hik3!!

    Hebat lar Raja n Halim..
    Boleh bunuh harimau tu..

    Cepat2 lar sambung citer nie..
    Xsabar nak tau episode seterusnyer..

  5. HAHAHAHA, hm is that laugh good enough to show how funny is your story ?

    hahahahahaha :D bpk sarcastic.

  6. hahaha lawak je.tak tahan yg part ‘Help me mama! (Pn Eliza).haha nice one ;)